How Can I Become a Better Graphic Artist?

Graphic design encompasses many different skills and disciplines, including photography, layout, branding, and typography. To become the best graphic designer you can be, you first need to understand the different fields that comprise the design industry, including how to become a graphic designer, jobs in the industry, and education requirements.

7 ways to improve your graphic design skills 

Study design theory

Graphic design theory, which is also referred to as visual communication and graphic design principles, includes theories that explain how design elements are organized so that they convey a message or idea effectively. These theories can be applied to any aspect of graphic design, including typography, images, color, layout, and composition. If you want to improve your graphic design skills, consider studying these principles and applying them to your own work. 

Get the most from feedback

Every designer knows that feedback is an important part of the design. Whether it’s from a manager, colleague, or client, it’s usually beneficial to understand what others think about your designs. However, sometimes the feedback we get doesn’t make sense, or we don’t know how to process it. Keep a clear head with feedback, what they say is not finite, and adapting is important.

Start a side project

According to The Balance, side projects are ideas you can work on in your spare time to become a better designer. Plus, side projects can be fun! Instead of spending hours researching what you want to create, you focus your energy on creating it. Designing and working on side projects can also help you hone your skills and expand your portfolio. You can play with a myriad of project designs and stretch your creative muscles.


Experimenting with new graphic design techniques is a great way to enhance your skills. Experimenting with new techniques can expand your creativity, and allow you to try out fun new styles. There are so many different techniques that you can incorporate into your designing. Sticking with just one can stifle you.

Talk to other designers

Try talking to other designers who practice graphic design to get recommendations, and show off your work. Other designers and art enthusiasts will be interested in what you have to offer, and can offer you constructive criticism. You can also attend local meetups and conferences to expand your horizons, meet fellow designers, and network with potential clients.

Read a book

Whether you are a graphic designer, an artist, a student, or just someone who appreciates great design, reading graphic design books is a great way to improve and enhance your skills. Although there are many websites, blogs and magazines dedicated to graphic design, nothing compares to learning from a good book. From conceptual design to typography, layout to digital design, there’s no shortage of graphic design books to choose from. 

Try changing your software

Instead of upgrading your computer or purchasing new graphics software, try changing your software to improve your graphic design skills. Most graphic design software works with the program and operating system that is installed on your computer. So, before you spend money on a new computer, try switching to different software and see if that helps your creative skills. For example, Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for digital photo and image editing. Unfortunately, Adobe Photoshop costs more than $1,000 and requires a powerful computer.

There is no fixed formula for becoming a graphic artist. However, there are a number of things you can do to boost your skills, including learning the basics of drawing, improving your skills with software, and gaining experience. Many graphic designers also create their own artistic styles.

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