What are the Different Types of Graffiti Styles?

There are many different kinds of graffiti styles, and they all have different meanings and different ways to communicate and express themselves. The styles vary not only in the type of paint used and the tools used but also in the method of tagging.

Graffiti, also known as “street art,” is a visual art form developed and performed by individual artists. It is a form of public art that uses spray paint to produce images or words on a wall, pavement, or other surfaces.

For those who like to draw and paint, the array of graffiti styles is as varied as the artists who use them. From the murals that adorn buildings to the street characters that inhabit all of our cities to the tags that can be found in almost any city, graffiti styles are often tied to the personality of the artist. To give you a better idea of what type of style you might prefer, this blog will explore the different styles of graffiti available to you. In fact, if you love these, but can’t paint these on your own, you can simply get some murals or graffiti in the form of removable wallpaper and paste it on your home walls to get a similar vibe. That said, let’s begin with the types now:


There are many different types of graffiti styles. Those who do graffiti art usually go by a tag or a name. Tag names are usually names of the person who made the tag or a name related to the tag’s style or subject. Some graffiti artists use a tag to identify their style or preferred subject. These tags can be symbols, sayings, date of completion, or even a combination of the above.


Graffiti, in all its forms, is an art form that has changed over time. The styles of graffiti have evolved from the mainstream styles that have been accepted over time. To date, there are four distinct graffiti styles. These are called throw-ups, tags, aerosol and throw-ups, and tags.


It is a type of graffiti art that is heavily dependent on photorealism and the artist’s ability to paint so that it looks like a photograph. The accuracy of the final product is what makes Realism so popular because it’s a style that can be replicated in a picture, and it can look very realistic.

Wild style

Graffiti is a style of street art that involves writing, drawing, and spray painting on a surface. It is a form of art in which the artist (graffiti writer) paints artwork on a public place such as a train, street, highway, or wall.

The world of graffiti is a vibrant, dynamic, and ever-changing art form that has been around for over half a century, but what exactly is it? Based on the many different techniques and styles of graffiti, there are many different levels of graffiti, and not all of them are acceptable in public spaces.

Graffiti has been around for ages; it has many different styles and forms. They all have in common the use of spray paint, spray cans, and markers to create images, words, and symbols. The earliest known forms of graffiti were written on walls, but nowadays, the majority of graffiti is found on the sides of buildings, and the most famous examples are on trains, subways, and other places.

Graffiti has been around for decades, and it has grown in both popularity and complexity over time. The first graffiti artists were mostly street artists and taggers. As the craftsmanship of graffiti evolved, so did the graffiti art itself. Today, graffiti can be found in many forms, including in houses as well. People are incorporating graffiti techniques to design a unique wall in the house or use it to improve the exterior of a residence. Moreover, perhaps a few home painter companies, such as https://www.myhousepainter.com/ may also have expert painters to take on such wall painting projects.

Graffiti is a form of street art that is often associated with gangs, vandalism, and urban decay. However, it actually has a long history of beautifying public spaces and supporting social justice actions. It is a form of art that often varies across time and location and can be used for political, cultural, and other purposes.

Graffiti is art. It’s hard to define because it has long been a form of expression that can express anything and everything. Graffiti is used by many people in various ways and is viewed as a form of art by some. However, there are many different forms of graffiti. Some graffiti artists are recognized worldwide, like graffiti artist Banksy. He is famous for his satirical art style and his creative murals.

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